Leak Detection

It is normal for pools to lose water each day, due to evaporation. But really, you should only have to add water once every 10-12 days. If you're adding water more frequently, you might have a leak in your pool.

If you suspect you have a leak , you can call us at Mend-A-Pool, our expert technicians which are knowledgeable about swimming pool leak detection can help you pin point exactly where the leak is coming from, we use top of the line equipment to help us locate and repair the leak. Call us today to schedule an appointment with a swimming pool leak detection.

Signs You Have A Pool Leak

It's hard to know if your pool is leaking or just losing a normal amount of water. Your pool itself may look fine; however, there could be a problem with the equipment or the pipes.

Here are some red flags to look for:

  • Adding water more often than every 10-12 days

  • Cracks in the pool

  • Puddles form around the pool or equipment

  • Gurgling sounds

  • Pool cleaner not running properly

These signs indicate a potential problem with your pool system. If you've noticed any issues, contact us today to look into your swimming pool leak detection.